Multifunctional Auto Wrenches 50mm Adjustable Rubber Strap Car Repair Tool

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This rubber strap fits around objests of any shape to loosen tighten or hold without surface damage. Can be used on a wide range of materials without scratching.

Belt made of rubber wear-resistant and easy to slip.
Secondary molding products handle head with non-slip indentation.
Adjustable rubber strap fits around objects of any shape.
Loosen tighten or hold things without surface damage.
Practical suitable for home canned or bottle open.
Repair industry for pipe tubing filters and the like.

Material: rubber
Color: black
Wrench size: 210 * 27 * 15mm / 8.27 * 1.06 * 1.06in
Belt length: 500mm / 19.69in
Item weight: 80g / 2.82oz
Package weight: 90g / 3.17oz
Package size: 220 * 30 * 20mm / 8.66 * 1.18 * 0.79in

Package include:
1 * Wrench